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Serves 2

A CookTale

We spent three hours driving through a horrendous thunderstorm on yet another dr. visit. If there was a bright spot to the day it was the stop on the way home at Gadeleto’s in New Paltz to purchase our dinner of Soft Shell Crabs. We were once again wowed by the store. It’s almost worth a visit to the dr.


4 Medium sized Soft Shell Crabs (have the fishmonger prepare them)
Sea Salt & Black Pepper
Light Olive Oil to coat a skillet to 1/4″


1. Rinse, paper towel dry & season the Soft Shells. Set aside.

2. Heat a skillet & add enough Olive Oil to coat the pan to 1/4″

3. When the Oil is almost smoking, add the four Soft Shell Crabs, shell side down for one minute. Be careful of spattering. Turn over & repeat. Remove to paper towels to sop up the Oil.

4. Simply plate and garnish as you like.

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