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Serves 2
A CookTale

My audacious comment of the day: “Anyone who cooks Sushi-grade Tuna for more than 15 seconds a side should not be permitted to purchase it”.
With that expressed, last evening’s dinner was marvelous. Each plate had five cubes of Tuna in an Asian dipping sauce that was dotted with diced Scallions and sprinkled with toasted Sesame Seeds. A thank you to Gadeleto’s for outstanding seafood, every time.


3/4-1 lb. Sushi-grade Tuna
2 TB Soy Sauce
1 TB Mirin
1 TB Rice Vinegar
2 Garlic Cloves, diced
1/4 C Rice Wine or Dry Sherry
1 TB Sesame Oil
3 TB Scallions, white & green diced to 1/2”


1. Whisk the sauce ingredients together.

2. Cut the Tuna into 1″ cubes. Heat a non-stick pan & add 1TB of Peanut Oil. When pan is slightly smoking, add the Tuna.

3. Sear untouched for no more than 15 seconds.
Turn on other side & sear for another 15 seconds.

4. Add 5 Tuna cubes to a puddle of the Asian Dipping sauce. Garnish with spears of Scallions.

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