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Serves 2

A CookTale

Last evening’s dinner converted me to
a Cornish Hen aficionado. In the past it was always Poussin’s at $7.00 a pound. The Cornish Hen costs $2.39 a pound, and weighs about that, or only slightly more. What made it special was brushing on a Tamari Balsamic Glaze*, and roasting for a short while. That was all the little guy required to be tender, cooked through and extremely juicy.


1 Cornish Hen
Kosher Salt & Black Pepper
2 TB of EVOO
1/4 cup of Tamari Balsamic Glaze (brand name Blaze, on-line)

METHOD For the Cornish Hen

1. Heat the oven to 425 degrees

2. In a small bowl whisk the EVOO & Tamari Balsamic Glaze until emulsified. Completely brush the Hen, with a good coating of the glaze. Place a rack onto a baking sheet, add the Hen & roast for about 25 minutes, or until an internal thermometer read 130 degrees.

3.Remove the Hen form the oven & allow it rest for at least 5 minutes before it’s cut in half. When the oven has cooled down return the Hen to keep it warm while preparing the Sauce.

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