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Serves 2

A CookTale

The weather report forecasted snow and freezing temperatures, but in the kitchen the stove and the oven were generating warmth. The evening’s menu called for food that would generate warmth as well. I cut the two Rib Chops from a four Rib-In Pork Loin that I ordered from Adam’s when I realized it was way to big for the two of us. Fred Brill, meat manager supreme, suggested that a blend of Honey and Sage be spread on the Loin before and at the last five minutes of roasting. Instead I blended Maple Syrup and Sage and turned it into a sauce that was unexpectedly delicious. The other two components were tasty as expected.

INGREDIENTS For the Pork Chops

2 Rib Pork Chops (1-1/4″ thick, bones frenched)
Kosher Salt & Black Pepper
1 TB of EVOO


1. Heat the oven to 400 degrees.

2. Heat a cast iron grill pan to almost smoking. Season the Chops with Salt, Pepper & EVOO. Grill them for 1-1/2 minutes & turn them diagonally. Repeat on the other side.

3. Place the pan in the oven for 5 minutes, or until the meat reaches 130 degrees when measured with an instant thermometer. You want the meat to be cooked, yet pink in the middle. Remove to a cutting board.

Note: As you know, as the meat rests, its internal temperature will continue to rise at least 5 degrees.

INGREDIENTS For the Spinach

1 10 oz bag of Spinach Leaves (or two bunches of fresh)
Garlic Cloves thinly sliced (to your taste)
1/4 tsp of Red Pepper Flakes (optional)
1 tsp of Salt + a sprinkle of Pepper
1 TB of EVOO + 1 TB of Butter


1. Heat a deep-sided saute pan to medium high. Add the EVOO, the Garlic & the optional Red Pepper Flakes. Saute until tender. Do not burn the Garlic.

2. Add the Spinach in batches, and as you do, quickly cover the pan because it will spatter water & oil over your stove top. A way to avoid this mess is to turn off the heat until it slightly cools. Then turn the heat back on & add the first batch. Repeat this procedure until all the Spinach has wilted. No mess & well-sauteed Spinach.

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