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RECIPE Tarragon Butter

A CookTale

A compound Butter of any herbal flavor with Beef, Fish or Chicken definitely adds an elegant dimension to a dish. Tarragon Butter with Steak is classic, and our Tarragon is still thriving in the garden. With November in the wings, it won’t be there much longer.


1 Stick of softened Butter (4 ounces)
1/4 cup of Tarragon Leaves (tightly packed)
1 TB of White Wine or Vermouth
1 TB of Lime Juice
Kosher Salt (if using salted butter omit it)


1. In a small food processor add all the ingredients & blend until smooth.

2. Roll the Butter into a log in plastic wrap & refrigerate. Serve with dinner, or for longer storage, freeze the log, or slice into pats & freeze in zip-top bags, where they’ll be ready to go whenever you need a quick hit of flavor.

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