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Serves 2

A CookTale

Last evening was the sixth night with limited house power. There was an amusing incident, if it can be called amusing — it was my wanting to add a Broccoli Puree to the dinner. I filled the blender with the steamed Broccoli, threw in a Garlic clove and heavy cream, and when it came to turning it on, there was no power in any of the five kitchen wall outlets. With blender in tow, along with the carton of cream, I proceeded to the only room with wall outlet power, The Bathroom! As Cathie laughed, I was determined to have that Puree. Ten minutes later, back I came with a blender containing a delicious Broccoli Puree. Talk about a last laugh?

INGREDIENTS For the Atlantic Char

3/4 Pound of Fish halved (Skin on or removed)
1 tsp of Sea or Kosher Salt
1/2 tsp of White Pepper
2 TB of Butter (clarified preferred)


1. Season the fish with the first three ingredients.
2. Heat a cast iron pan to high. Add the Butter (clarified preferred). When melted, add the fish & saute for 2 minutes: turn & saute for another 1 minute. The fish should be rare. If medium is preferred, cook for another minute or so.
3. Remove from the heat & prepare to plate or keep warm.
4. To plate, add the Fish & a spoonful of the Butter sauce.

Note: I fried the skin looking for a crisp result, but it was not worth describing other than as a garnish.

INGREDIENTS For the Creamy Broccoli Puree

2 Cups of steamed Broccoli florets
2 TB of Heavy Cream (more if required to make a puree)
1 tsp of Salt + 1/2 tsp of White Pepper
A small Garlic Clove


1. Add the four ingredients to a food processor.
2. Process until you have a smooth Puree.
3. For a finer consistency add it to a blender.
4. Remove to a bowl.

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