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Serves 2

A CookTale

Once or possibly twice a year we yearn for Veal with Tuna sauce, Vitello Tonnato. A call to Fred Brill at Adam’s Fairacre Farm seeking his advice on the proper cut of Veal resulted in his recommending Top Round. His opinion was validated by any number of food writers, incuding Marcella Hazan and Saveur Magazine amongst others. This is a typical Summer dish in the Lombardy and Piedmont regions of Italy. So it is in Woodstock.

INGREDIENTS For the Tuna Sauce

2 Egg Yolks
1 TB of Lemon Juice, freshly squeezed
1 TB of Dijon Mustard
A dash of Kosher Salt
1 5 to 7-oz. can imported Tuna, packed in olive oil
4 flat Anchovy filets
1 TB of Capers (rinsed)


1. In a blender add the Egg Yolks, Lemon Juice, Dijon Mustard & a dash of Salt. Pulse to combine & slowly drizzle in the 1 cup of EVOO until it emulsifies into the consitency of Mayonnaise.
2. Drain the Tuna & add to the blender with the Anchovies, & Capers. Blend until it becomes a creamy, beige-colored sauce. If made ahead of time, refrigerate.

INGREDIENTS For poaching the Veal

2 Pounds of Top Round (tied so it resembles a Salami)
1 5 to 7-oz. can imported Tuna, packed in olive oil
1 Carrot (sliced into 2″ pieces)
1 Celery stalk (sliced into 2″ pieces)
1 Large Onion (quartered & stuck with 2 Cloves)
1 Bay Leaf
3 Sprigs of Parsley
2 Cups of Chicken Broth
2 Cups of White Wine
Kosher Salt & Black Pepper


1. Put the Veal in a deep, heavy pot. Add the Carrots, Celery, Onions, Parsley, Bay Leaf, & enough water to cover. Remove meat & set it aside.
2. Cover the pot, bring water to a boil, then add the Veal. Return to a boil, cover, reduce heat, & gently simmer for 1 hour. Add more broth if necessary. Remove from heat, set aside, and allow meat to cool in the stock. After 30 minutes, check the internal temperature. It should read 130 degrees & be pink in the center.
3. When meat is cool, transfer to a cutting board. Remove trussing strings, & carefully cut the amount that’s needed into uniformly thin slices.
4. Spread some of the Tuna sauce on bottom of each plate. Over it, lay a single layer of veal slices overlapping. Dribble more sauce over the Veal.
t5. To each plate, add Capers & a slice of Lemon.
5. Cover the remaining Veal with plastic wrap & refrigerate. It will keep for at least a week or freeze for 6 months.

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