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RECIPE Grilled & Plated Connecticut Blue Points

Serves 1

A CookTale

When the Cath’s away I indulge in my food fancies. Grilling Oysters were on mind, so off I dashed to Adam’s Faireacre Farm & returned with a dozen Connecticut Blue Points. I Washed & scrubbed them diligently, buried them in crushed ice & awaited the moment to put them to work. At about 6:30 PM I started up the gas grill, when it reached 350F I gently added the Blue Points. After 4 minutes I took a look. Their shells were just starting to relax & their nectar (or liqueur) was starting to seep through. That was the clue & off they came to cool down enough to handle. I’m not wild about Cath going out of town, but Grilled Oysters dipped in Sriracha Hot Sauce was a consolation & good company.


12 Connecticut Blue Points (18 preferred)
3 Ounce cup of Hot Sauce ( I like Sriracha Hot Sauce)
Romaine Lettuce sliced to a chiffonade (optional)
Lots of anything cold to wash down the salty delicious denizens


1. Place the oysters on the grill. You may want to put a layer of foil over the grate to prevent juices from dripping through.
2. Close the lid, watch the oysters closely. Check after 3 or 4 minutes. As soon as the shells begin to open, remove them from the grill.
3. Open the shells and loosen the meat. Using the shell half as a bowl, add your favorite ingredients and slurp those grilled oysters down.
4. Wash them down with lot’s of anything.
5. Wish you bought more.

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