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Serves 2

A CookTale

After going through the July food magazines on summer grilling, the decision was made, tonight’s the night. And the weather cooperated.
This was the first dinner of the season fully prepared on the Gas Grill.
The spatchcocked Game Hen, looked great & was cooked on the rare side as we prefer, was tasty, & the choice of side dishes was satisfying. But I’m quick to add the grilled scallions make a better plating presentation than they do to chew on. Next time, grilled Leeks.

My summer challenge is for my grilled food photos to have a semblance of similarity to the grilled food photos in the food magazines. Knowing me, when the Virgo gets going, one day they’ll come close.

INGREDIENTS For the Cornish Game Hen

1 1/2 Pound fresh (not frozen) Cornish Game Hen
2 TB store bought Curry based Poultry Rub applied to both sides
Salt & fresh Black Pepper applied to both sides
1 TB of Olive Oil

1. Spatchcock the Game Hen (split & flatten skin side up)
2. Generously rub on the seasonings. Lightly rub on Olive Oil.
3. Allow to marinate for as long as possible (minimum 1 hour)
4. Grease the grates with vegetable oil. Light the grill using the 2 zone method (high on on side. low or off on the other) .

5. When ready, lay the Game Hen skin side down on the grill grate.
cover with a large grill meat press, & cook for two minutes, being careful not to over-char the skin. Turn & grill, cook for another two minutes & test the temperature. If not to your preference, move the Hen to the cold side, close the lid & roast for a few minutes more. Test again, as always advised. Do not overcook & dry out the meat.
6. Remove & allow to rest for at least five minutes.

Note: The legs do not seem to cook as completely as the thighs. Therefore, with a long implement, hold them onto the grates for a minute. Do this before you add the grill press.

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