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A CookTale

Getting a Pork Chop to properly cook without seizing up is tricky! Having failed too many times to remember, last evening I might have turned the corner. Might have! I began by searing both sides of the chop in a lightly oiled pan. Then setting it aside & adding a thinly sliced a medium onion which became a bed for the pork chop. The chop was then returned to the pan & enough white wine was added to come half way up the sides.
The pan was covered, the heat turned to a simmer. Depending on how you prefer your meat, rare, medium or well, calculate the cooking time. As a reference, I estimate rare, 12 minutes, medium rare, 16 minutes, well done, 20 minutes. You know my choice. Naturally you will determine the time. If you know other methods, tell me.


2 8-Ounce Pork Rib Chops (preferred)
1 Medium Onion sliced into rings
White Wine enough to half submerge the chops.
Salt & Pepper
1 TB of Lemon Juice
1 TB of EVOO
A dash of Aleppo Pepper (optional but adds flavor)
1 TB of Butter for the pan gravy


1. Heat a saute pan or an electric grill pan to high.
2. Sear the chops on both sides. Remove & set aside.
3. Add the Onion rings & cook until tender & browning.
4. Return the chops to the pan & add the White Wine.
5. Bring the pan to a simmer, cover & set the cooking time to suit your preference.
6. When the cooking time is up, you’ll have tender Pork Chops, delicious Onions, and with the addition of a generous swirled-in-TB of Butter, a good quick sauce.

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