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A CookTale

Our meat market, The Smokehouse of the Catskills is a great resource for German charcuteries. Westphallian Hams, Head Cheeses, Pates & Liverwursts & the best Weisswurst to be found in the Hudson Valley. When the spirit hits, a dinner of Weisswurst accompanied by compatible side dishes is an occasional taste treat. As shown above I paired the sausages with a Sauerkraut, Potato Salad & Bavarian Horseradish Mustard. It made for a dinner that was delightfully out of the ordinary.

RECIPE For the Weisswurst

Serves 2


4 Weisswurst
(note that they are purchased thoroughly cooked, warming them is really all that’s necessary)


1. Heat a ridged cast iron pan to high.
2. Add the Weisswurst & grill until the pan side has distinctive sear marks.
3. Turn & repeat until heated through.
4. Remove & plate.

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