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A CookTale

Cath asked for a side of Sauerkraut to accompany the Weisswurst, I made a face & disagreed, Sauerkraut! Then I thought about an alternative, searching around I realized we had baby potatoes & fresh oyster mushrooms, & the herb garden was ablaze with flowering chives. Aha! I steamed the potatoes, cleaned & separated the oyster mushrooms & heated a saute pan to high. Added olive oil & in two separate batches & sautéed the ingredients. When they were beautifully browned, they were added to a large mixing bowl. I grabbed a scissor & lumbered to the herb garden & attacked the chives.

Above is the result of necessity being the mother of invention.


Serves 2


1 Pound of Baby White Potatoes
1 Basket of fresh Oyster Mushrooms (if unavailable use Shitake)
1 Small bunch of fresh Chives
Salt & fresh Black Pepper
A pinch of Red Pepper Flakes
2 TB of EVOO + 2 TB for Sauteing
1 tsp of Balsamic Vinegar ( try to purchase the true Balsamic
imported from Modena, Italy)
1 TB of diced Roasted Red Pepper


1. Clean & halve the Potatoes. Place in a bowl of water to prevent discoloration.
2. Separate & clean the Mushrooms. Set aside.
3. Heat a large saute pan to high, add 1TB EVOO & the Red Pepper Flakes. When almost smoking, add the Mushrooms. Saute until browned & thoroughly cooked. Set aside in a large mixing bowl.
4. Add another 1TB EVOO to the same pan & when almost smoking add the Potatoes. Place them face down & pan roast them until browned & thoroughly cooked. Add to them to the Mushrooms.
5. When cooled, add 1 more TB of EVOO & the Balsamic Vinegar, toss & sprinkle in the Chives. Add the 1TB of diced Red Pepper

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