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RECIPE Lightly Seasoned Soft Shell Crab.

No Breading, No Flour, No Deep Frying,
Just Soft Shells simply prepared & the result are Crabs that taste like Crabs.

Serves two


2 Medium to large Soft Shell Crabs
Kosher or Sea Salt
Pepper & if available Lemon Pepper
Alleppo Pepper or finely ground Red Pepper
4 TB of Olive Oil
2TB of Butter


1 Be sure that your fishmonger prepared & cleaned & the Crabs.
2. To the Crabs add Salt, Pepper & Alleppo Pepper & 2 TB of the Olive Oil.
3. Heat a saute pan to high, add 2TB of Olive Oil & 2 TB of Butter.
4. When the Oil & butter stop hissing it’s time to add the Crabs.
5. Lay them on their shell side & cook for
2-1/2 to 3 minutes, the shell will turn red.
6. Turn the Crabs onto their underside & cook for another 2-1/2 to 3 minutes.
7. Remove to a serving plate & dribble a few TBs of the Butter Oil mixture onto the Crabs. If you like you can garnish the plate with chopped Chives or Parsley. I would have if I had some!
8. Ready to serve.


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