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Rolletini of Chicken Thighs layered with  Prosciutto Plated
RECIPEServes 2

A CookTale

It was the evening for a Chicken dinner. Instead of our usual method of pan sauteing, these were deboned, pounded thin, well seasoned, layered with slices of Prosciutto and wrapped as small bundles. Served with roasted-to-a-char slices of Cauliflower. A first time but certainly not the last time.


2 8 oz Chicken Thighs (skin on & bone in)
4 Thin slices of Prosciutto
Kosher Salt & Pepper
1 C of Marinara Sauce (homemade or Rao’s)
1 TB of EVOO


1. Heat the oven to 400 degrees F.

2. Debone the Thighs. Pound them, skin side up, as thinly as possible without tearing them.

3. Season with Salt & Pepper. Layer each with 2 slices of Prosciutto. Roll them into bundles & secure with toothpicks. Place in a small casserole dish & coat with the TB of EVOO.

4. Roast for 20 about minutes. Then turn on the broiler for a few minutes more to achieve an appealing color Remove, keep warm & set aside.

5. Heat the Marinara sauce in a saucepan.

6. To each plate, spoon a bed of Marinara sauce & top with a Rollatini bundle.

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