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Serves 2

A CookTale

Here is yet another redux on how we prepare and serve Chicken Thighs. Their on the table at least once or twice a month, especially when we’re meated out. A mild Curry powder emulsified with Butter and spread under the skin, does wonders to the dish. As seen in the photo, the sauce is the result of the Curry Butter combining with the natural fat from the Chicken and spooned on and over the Thighs. The saute of Chanterelles that were added were ones we did’nt use the other evening. They were kept fresh by keeping them lightly covered with damp paper toweling in the fridge. Chanterelles or any other wild mushroom is a delicious option.


2 8 oz skin on Chicken Thighs
1 TB of mild Curry Powder (or to your liking)
2 TB of Butter
Kosher Salt & Black Pepper
1 TB of Olive Oil for the fry pan
3 ounces of fresh Chanterelles (or other wild mushroom, optional)


1. Mix the Curry Powder & Butter into a smooth emulsion. Carefully lift the Thigh’s skin & with a spatula & coat the meat.

2. Rub any remaining Curry Butter on the skin. Salt & Pepper the Thighs. Set aside.

3. One half hour before dinner, heat the pan, (for this recipe we like the control of an electric pan) to 325F. Add 1TB of Olive Oil & when rippling, add the Thighs, skin side down.

4. Pan fry for about ten minutes & turn the underside down for another ten to twelve minutes. Check the internal temperature, 135F is ideal for Meduium Rare.

5. Remove each Thigh to a plate & spoon the Curry Butter sauce on & around them. Add the optional Mushrooms.

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