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Serves 2

A CookTale

Last evening’s rib Veal Chop, from our dependable Smokehouse of The Catskills, helped to validate my opinion that a cast iron grill pan, which permits you to have complete cooking control, is superior to an outdoor gas grill. To accompany the chop were Mushrooms sauteed in the same pan and leaves of Italian Parsley scattered on the plate..


Rib Veal Chop (1-1/2 LB, 1″ thick)
Kosher Salt & Black Pepper (generously applied)
2 TB of EVOO
Flat Leaf Parsley leaves

METHOD For the Veal Chop

1. Season both sides of the Veal Chop with Salt, Pepper & a 1 TB of EVOO.

1. Heat a cast iron grill pan to smoking hot. Add a thin film of EVOO, & add the prepared Veal Chop weighted down with a cast iron meat weight. Grill for 2-1/2 minutes to a side. The internal temperature of the Veal should be 120 degrees to be on the rare side.

2. Remove from the the pan to a cutting board & allow the Veal to rest for at least 5 minutes, before slicing.

INGREDIENTS For the Sauteed Mushrooms

8 oz of White Mushrooms (sliced 1/8″ thick)
Kosher Salt & Black Pepper
1 TB of Butter
1 TB of EVOO


1. Heat the cast iron grill pan to high, add a TB of EVOO, & add the seasoned & prepared Mushrooms. Saute until the Mushrooms have taken on color & have tenderized.

2. Remove to a bowl, cover to keep warm, & proceed to grill the Veal Chop. When the Chop has cooked & been removed to a cutting board, return the Mushrooms to the pan, toss & reheat.

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