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Serves 2

A CookTale

Calves Liver and sauteed Onions, a dish that immediately lets you know it’s delicious, but proceed carefully. Together they represent the high priest and priestess of the formidable world of carbs. As a once-in-awhile treat and, casting fear aside, the combination is well worth it.
Growing up as a kid in the midst of the Depression, Liver from the local butcher was an inexpensive ingredient, and I can still remember having it along with spaghetti and Del Monte Tomato Sauce quite regularly. Who cared about carbs back then? And we’re still here. So there!

INGREDIENTS for the sauteed Onions

3 Vidalia Onions (thinly sliced on a Mandoline)
2 Ounces of Butter + 1 TB of EVOO
4 Ounces of Water
Kosher Salt & Black Pepper


1. Heat a large deep sided saute pan to high, add the Butter & EVOO. When the Butter ceases to sizzle, add the sliced Onions. Toss to combine, lower the heat & carefully add the Water. Cover & allow to simmer for 10 minutes.

2. Remove the cover & saute until very tender & very fragrant. This could take as long as 30 to 40 minutes. Continue to add water as needed, the Onions must not dry out or begin to take on too much color.

INGREDIENTS For the Calves Liver

12 oz of fresh Calves Liver, cut into 4 pieces (all gristle & arteries removed by the butcher)
Kosher Salt & Black Pepper (season generously)
1 TB of EVOO (for marinating)
2 TB of Butter (for pan frying)


1. Heat a well seasoned cast iron pan or an electric fry pan (my favorite) to medium high. When the Onions have been sauteed to Onion perfection, it’s time to quickly saute the Calves Liver.

2. Add the 2 TB of Butter & when it stops sizzling, add the Calves Liver, two slices at a time. Saute for no more than to 2 minutes a side. As usual, we prefer all meats to be on the rare to medium rare side. That’s entirely up to you.

3. Prepare to plate. Add a generous amount of the sauteed Onions to the plate, top with 2 slices of the Calves Liver. Spoon on a TB of the Buttery pan juices

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