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Serves 2

A CookTale

This month marks six months of my daily Blogs. It’s taken me this long to understand why it gives me such pleasure each morning. The answer, which came to me at 2 AM this morning, is that it affords me the opportunity to enjoy the previous evening’s dinner a second time. And until all this started in 2010, this rarely, if ever happened. Today it’s a daily occurrence.
Last evening’s dinner is an example of “what else” can be done with a simple Swordfish steak. It was high in flavor and within reasonable levels of carbs and calories. This morning I can still remember the tartness of the Grapefruit and Capers, in contrast with the sweet taste of the sauteed Swordfish.


12 Ounces of Swordfish (First grade quality preferred)
1 Ounce of Butter (for sauteing)
1 TB of EVOO (for seasoning the raw fish)
Sea or Kosher Salt & White Pepper
1 Grapefruit (segmented with juice reserved)
1/3 Cup of the reserved Grapefruit Juice
1/3 Cup of Vermouth
2 Ounces of Butter (for emulsifying the sauce)
1 TB of Parsley (chopped)
2 TB of Salt Capers (desalted in water & drained)
1/2 Half of a fresh Lemon


1. Either have the Fishmonger slice the Swordfish horizontally in half, or carefully do it yourself. An electric knife works well. Each slice to be no more that 1/2″ thick. Season with Salt & Pepper & EVOO & set aside

2. Add the 1 ounce of Butter to a preheated saute pan. Add the Swordfish, It will cook quickly. One minute per side should be sufficient. The color of the crust is a good indicator.

3. Remove the Swordfish slices from the pan, place on a serving plate & cover to keep warm. Deglaze the pan with the Vermouth & Grapefruit Juice & reduce while working in the 2 ounces of Butter to form an emulsified sauce. Just before serving, add a tablespoon of chopped capers & a squeeze of Lemon.

4. To each plate add 2 slices of Swordfish slices & generously spoon on the sauce. Decorate each dish with a few Grapefruit segments and the chopped Parsle

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