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Serves 2

A CookTale

Chilean Sea Bass, cut to your order and never frozen, is very a special delicacy. The difference is night and day in texture and taste, which we enjoyed last evening. Gadaleto’s Seafood in New Paltz is the place were you know that fresh means just that. Combined with Asian ingredients from Shiitakes to Fermented Beans, the result makes your taste buds very happy. That said, you could also simply saute the Fish with a generous lump of Butter and seasonings and it would be equally wonderful.


12 Ounces of Fresh Chilean Sea Bass, skin removed (cut in half)
Sea Salt & Black Pepper (generously applied)
1 TB of EVOO

4 Ounces of fresh Shiitake Mushrooms (sliced)
1 Medium Onion (thinly sliced vertically)
Fresh ginger (6 slices thinly cut)
1 Red Bell Pepper (thinly sliced)
2 or 3 Dried Chilies (deseeded)
2 TB of Fermented Black Beans (smashed)
1/2 tsp of Thai Fish Sauce
1/2 tsp of Sesame Oil
1 tsp of Soy sauce
1/2 tsp of Sugar
2 Scallions (white & green parts cut to 1.5″ length)
1 TB of Peanut Oil


1. Season the Sea Bass with 1/2 TB EVOO & the Sea Salt & Black Pepper, set aside.

2. Heat a Wok & 1TB of Peanut Oil. Add the Shiitakes & stir fry until brown & tender. Remove to a bowl. Add the Onions, Ginger, Red Bell Pepper, Dried Chilies & stir fry until softened & aromatic. Return the Shiitakes to the Wok.

3. Add the smashed Fermented Beans, the Fish Sauce, Sesame Oil, Sugar, & Soy Sauce, & half the Scallions & toss until well combined. If it appears dry add aTB of Water. Cover & set aside.

4. Heat the oven to 400F.

5. Heat a skillet to high, add remaining 1/2 Tb of EVOO. Saute the Sea Bass for 3 minutes, turn & repeat for 3 minutes. Transfer the skillet to the oven & roast for about 5 minutes. The internal temperature should be about 125 F & the outside should be lightly browned &

6. To serve, center the Sea Bass on each plate & surround with the stir fry. Add the remaining Scallions.


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