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Serves 1

A CookTale

Even before last evening’s dinner was off the table, I knew that a Puttanesca Omelet was in the morning’s offering. As they say, a photo is worth, etc. It was a fitting finale to a terrific evening dinner.


2 Jumbo or Extra Large Eggs
The left over Puttanesca Sauce (about 1/3 cup drained)
1 TB of Butter for the pan
A pinch of Salt for the Eggs


1. Heat an Omelet pan to medium.
2. with a fork whisk the Eggs into a froth.
3. Completely drain the left over sauce ingredients of EVOO & set aside for the moment.
4. Add the Butter to the Omelet pan & when it stops sizzling add the Eggs.
5. When they have begun to set add the Puttanesca ingredients.
6. For a soft Omelet, remove the pan from the stove just before the Omelet completely sets up. Otherwise continue to cook for another minute or so.


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