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Serves 2
A CookTale

What’s to say about small burgers, 3 vs 8 ounces? The marketing guys named them sliders?
The adding of different ingredients to the mix raises their social standing. In this case crumbled Blue Cheese. Or it could be finely diced Portobello Mushroom or Bacon & Cheddar or you can use your imagination.


1 Pound of ground Chuck alone, or combined with Sirloin, Brisket, or Short Rib. Check your friendly butcher.
1/2 Cup of the added ingredient
Kosher Salt & Black Pepper ( generously applied)
1/2 Cup of diced Tomatoes
1 TB of Olive OIL


1. Form the prepared meat into 4 3 ounce patties.
2. Heat a cast iron grill pan to very hot, almost smoking.
3. Grill to your satisfaction. A grill press topping the patties speeds up the cooking & leaves tasty sear marks.
4. Warm the diced Tomatoes & add to the plate.
5. Salt & Pepper to taste.
6. Ready to serve.

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